Why do business with P & L Heat Treating?

At P & L we appreciate the workmanship of our customers and recognize the importance of heat treating their materials. We understand that these parts must perform well after they have been treated and make every effort to ensure the highest quality treatment has been provided. Our reputation as a heat treating source is excellent. Customers that were doing business with us from day one continue to do business with us today. At P & L Heat Treating we are passionate about our work and love what we do.

furnace-2Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Vacuum Bright Hardening, Annealing
  • 10 Bar High Speed Quench Capable
  • Isothermal
  • Conventional Endothermic
    with Gas Protection:

with Fan Cool
with Still Air Cool
with Oil Quench
with Water Quench

PL-Heat_067Stress Relieving
  • Nitrogen Protection
  • No Protection
  • Vacuum
furnace-1Vacuum Tempering
  • Endothermic Atmosphere
  • Vacuum
  • Recirculated Air
  • Vacuum
  • Controlled Gas Nitride

Capacities & Capabilities

Furnace Type# of FurnacesTreatmentsMax TempDimensions
Conventional Endothermic Gas Furnace 4 Endothermic, Annealing, Normalzing, Hardening, Oil Quench 1950° Up to 48"W x 40"H x 70"L
Recirculated Air Furnace 9 Tempering, Stress Relieving 1950° Up to 36" D x 70"L
Vacuum Furnace (Max up to 12 Bar Positive Pressure Cooling 5 Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening, Stress Relieving 2400° Up to 40"W x 60"D x40"H* (*larger depending on configuration)
" - Vacuum Tempering, Stress Relieving 2400° Up to 36"W x 49"D x 27"H
" - Cyrogenic Treatment -320° Up to 36"W x 49"D x 27"H
Controlled Gas Nitriding 5 Nitriding - Up to 39"D x 80"L 8000 lb capacity
HRC, HRB, HR15N, BRINELL, and Portable Impact Testers






Stake Beds


Box Trucks

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